I Should Be Sleeping...

The boys are sleeping and so is Josh. I should be sleeping too, but it's only 9:30 and I'm not tired enough to sleep. Too much on my mind tonight. I still have so much to get done and only 3 weeks to do it in.

Today Josh decided that he wanted to move into our new house tonight. It was the only day that his buddy Ash could help him with all the big stuff. So he's exhausted from moving all evening. ...I can hear him snoring now...

I'm sitting on our couch in the middle of our new living room. I'm surrounded by boxes that I'm dying to unpack... I'm holding off on that because I don't want to wake anyone up. We don't have cable yet (or even the DVD player hooked up).  I don't know where anything is at yet... and we still have a lot sitting at our old apartment. So I'm bored with nothing else to do.

I've decided that I hate moving. I guess not so much the packing or the unpacking... more like all the little junk that gets left behind at the old place and it never seems to end. That and the cleaning of the old place. I already know they're going to charge a ridiculous amount of money to clean it. When they were going over the checklist of what we could get changed with, it sounded like their minds we already made up...

Automatic $120 if the cleaning crew has to come in to clean one spot off the wall.
$175 if the place needs to be cleaned all over.
$50 if they have to touch up paint at all. (Unfortunately for us I know they're going to have to... our baby gate took a chunk of paint right off. That's what happens when you put 50 coats of paint on one wall...)
$200 if they have to paint the whole apartment.

$50 if the carpets need to be cleaned.

...and the list goes on...

I'll be headed over to the apartment almost every night after the kids go to bed. I don't wanna, but I'd rather keep our charges at a minimum.

Anyway, enough about me. I think I'll go catch up on my blog reading. :) Something I haven't been able to do for awhile. I'll update this with pictures of the new place soon!

He Didn't Get It :(

A few weeks ago Josh went on a trip to Saint Louis, MO. He was there for a job interview... and unfortunately he didn't get the job.

No biggie...

We've decided that with the economy the way that it is and with the HVAC industry being in it's slow time of year we're going to be putting our St. Louis plans on hold. Just for the time being. This Summer when business starts picking back up we'll try again.

So for now we'll be staying in San Diego. I'm not really complaining though. Beach, mountains, desert, nice weather, sea world, zoo... Could be worse. ;)

We are moving though.... down the street and around the corner into a house with a garage, washer/dryer hookups and a yard. The bedrooms are a bit smaller than where we're at, but we'll have a yard to play in to make up for it! Moving day is next weekend, the 27th!


In other news, my ex-husband returned from Japan sometime this month. I got a text from him the other day and we talked briefly on the phone... Apparently he and New Wife aren't hitting it off so well and they're getting a divorce. (Can I just shout out a BIG, "I TOLD YOU SO!"???) Does everyone else see the pattern now? Get them pregnant, marry them and leave them before the baby is even a year old. (For the record, our marriage was actually planned, babies were planned... and some how I managed to last 6+ years before I got cut. Wife #1 and #3, not so lucky.)

Now I'm just feeling really sorry for the guy. It's sort of hard to explain. I guess I'm feeling sorry because he just seems so lost. He's 28 years old, married 3 times and has 4 boys that he'll probably never get to know.

I wrote this in a letter to him just over a year ago... (December 2008)

"I really hope you've thought long and hard about all of this before you decided to give up your chance at being a family with us. It would be incredibly sad if you decided a month or 6 months or a year from now that you've made a huge mistake... because by then the damage will have been done and the 3 of us will have moved on with our lives without you."



Job Interview!

I have a little one sitting on my lap so I'm gonna have to keep this short.

About an hour ago I dropped Josh off at the airport... He's on his way to Saint Louis for a job interview!!! About a week and a half ago I sent a cover letter and Josh's resume to a company that is hiring for a maintenance tech in this historic high rise apartment building. (Really ritzy and nice looking.) They wanted someone with lots of HVAC experience... (someone like Josh who has worked in the HVAC business for the past 5+ years.) They called Josh the next business day and asked him when he could come interview. Once the guy on the phone mentioned the pay Josh tried to be polite about it by saying that he wasn't going to be out there for another month or two. A day or two later Josh gets an e-mail from the General Manager asking why he can't come interview now. Josh wrote back saying that he just couldn't take that kind of pay cut... and he was sorry for the misunderstanding. It was $5 - $7 an hour less than what he makes now. She wrote back and offered him $5.50 more than they originally did... and asked him if that would get him to come out to St. Louis to interview with them. So we decided to go for it.

He interviews tomorrow morning. I'm so nervous and excited for him! It's not exactly what his dream job is, but it's a start. They're offering him decent pay and all the benefits that he has at his current job. And let me tell you, this place is NICE. It's not just some run down apartment building... It's like top of the line everything.. Clothing store, restaurant and even a doggy salon in this building. (And the best part, you can order room service from the restaurant!) I told him if he gets hired we should see if we could get a discount on this place. I was only half joking though... I know he wouldn't want to live where he works. ;)

If things don't go well at this interview I wrote down a bunch of Heating and Cooling companies that don't have websites so he can drive around and look for work that way.

If absolutely nothing goes well and he comes home with no job from this, well, at least we can say that we tried. Business is pretty slow in the HVAC industry right now. This economy isn't helping at all. I'm just thankful that he does have a job here and he's not in any danger of being laid off. If we have to stay here a little longer than planned it's not a big deal.... We'll just be stuck in a 2 bedroom apartment until further notice.

Kids are getting cranky... Gotta run! Wish us luck!