I Should Be Sleeping...

The boys are sleeping and so is Josh. I should be sleeping too, but it's only 9:30 and I'm not tired enough to sleep. Too much on my mind tonight. I still have so much to get done and only 3 weeks to do it in.

Today Josh decided that he wanted to move into our new house tonight. It was the only day that his buddy Ash could help him with all the big stuff. So he's exhausted from moving all evening. ...I can hear him snoring now...

I'm sitting on our couch in the middle of our new living room. I'm surrounded by boxes that I'm dying to unpack... I'm holding off on that because I don't want to wake anyone up. We don't have cable yet (or even the DVD player hooked up).  I don't know where anything is at yet... and we still have a lot sitting at our old apartment. So I'm bored with nothing else to do.

I've decided that I hate moving. I guess not so much the packing or the unpacking... more like all the little junk that gets left behind at the old place and it never seems to end. That and the cleaning of the old place. I already know they're going to charge a ridiculous amount of money to clean it. When they were going over the checklist of what we could get changed with, it sounded like their minds we already made up...

Automatic $120 if the cleaning crew has to come in to clean one spot off the wall.
$175 if the place needs to be cleaned all over.
$50 if they have to touch up paint at all. (Unfortunately for us I know they're going to have to... our baby gate took a chunk of paint right off. That's what happens when you put 50 coats of paint on one wall...)
$200 if they have to paint the whole apartment.

$50 if the carpets need to be cleaned.

...and the list goes on...

I'll be headed over to the apartment almost every night after the kids go to bed. I don't wanna, but I'd rather keep our charges at a minimum.

Anyway, enough about me. I think I'll go catch up on my blog reading. :) Something I haven't been able to do for awhile. I'll update this with pictures of the new place soon!
5 Responses
  1. i swear it takes a year to catch up on all the little piles after moving!!
    Good luck with the apartment people! It is rediculous the amounts they charge!! You know it costs half what they charge!!

  2. OMG, moving is the worst. When we moved into our house in 2006 we swore that we would never move again.

    Good thing we still heart our house to death!

    Random: Denise Richards was at the SD Zoo today with her girls. Not sure why I told you that. Maybe because you mentioned the zoo?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    50 for carpet cleaning? Holy crap, we're paying 110 tomorrow night to have ours done!

  4. Helene Says:

    That's the part about moving that I've always hated too! Every time we've moved I've vowed to keep the place as clean as possible so there would be very little cleaning to do upon moving. Yeah, would take me an entire year to get our cleaned up enough to sell it!!!

  5. Amy in Peru Says:

    I am so used to moving! we've moved an outrageous number of times... but I agree it is NOT easy and especially trying with small children! hang in there! :)

    amy in peru