Bringing Life Back to my Blog

I've been so busy with a million other projects that I haven't had the time to keep up with this blog as much as I'd like to. Between kids, housework, my husband, my Etsy shops, and cafepress I don't have much free time for anything else. I'm lucky to get a shower before noon on most days.


All that will be changing soon.

This month I will be starting a few mini series of blog posts. These posts will be all about how to make money from home.

- What you have to do FIRST before starting a home-based business.
- How to start an Etsy shop.
- Cafepress and Zazzle how-tos.
- How to start your own website with little to no experience in web design.

Getting started is usually the hardest part for people. There's so much information out there to sift through... I'm sure there's also a ton of other blogs who have already written very similar posts. That's ok though. Everyone's experience will be a little different. I will be sharing all of my experiences from the past 6 years of working from home.

My hope is that I will be able to help some other stay at home moms who are looking to start earning some income while staying home with their children.

Even if no one reads these right away at least I will have an easy to access place to send people the next time I get asked about selling on Etsy.
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