Baby #5?!

Yes, it's true... Baby #5 is on the way and I have just over 2 weeks until his due date! 

Crazy, right?

I'm the worst blogger on the planet... Oh well. So yeah, I found out I was pregnant with a happy surprise at the beginning of October when AF never showed up. I decided to take a test just for the heck of it thinking that there was no way it would be positive. After all, I had JUST given away the last of my baby gear and had sold off all of my baby carriers so that we could start buying toddler sized ones. 

Do you SEE how bright blue that line is?! It popped up within seconds of taking the test. There was no second guessing if there was a second line or not. I was shocked to say the least. 

It's taken me a long time to actually come to terms with being pregnant yet again. We weren't supposed to have any other babies! Ashlyn was it. Four kids was "our number". 

I'm still in shock about the whole thing, but we're all so excited for baby Jase to arrive! Yes! Another boy! (I'm pretty sure Ashlyn was a total fluke...)

And this brings me to today... 37 weeks and 5 days along. 

I can't believe that some time in the next few weeks our newest family member will arrive! I'm looking forward to writing out his birth story... It seems like that's the only thing I actually manage to blog about in a semi-timely manner. ;)
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