My Sick Boy... Is Still Sick

On july 7th my son started complaining of a tummyache. After not getting any better after 7 days I called my son's pediatrician and made an appointment.

Friday, July 15th I took Brady in to get checked out. I knew something wasn't right and I wanted to get him some relief.. 7 days of screaming out in pain is no fun for anyone.

At the appointment they weighed him, took his height and temp. The doctor listened to his belly and heart rate. I told her all of his symptoms...

... Threw up once on the 7th, diarrhea, screaming out in pain telling me his tummy hurt, fever, said pain comes and goes, he lost his appetite, cries when he pees...

After trying to five us anti-nausea medicine (he wasn't nauseous) and then an appetite increasing medicine (he would eat if he could!)... She sent us home with the stomach flu and a prescription for some Zantac. Said she wanted to see him back in a week.

Stomach flu? Really?

I'm no doctor, but this didn't seem like the stomach flu. He was getting worse, not better. From what I've seen the stomach flu lasts MAYBE 5 days at most and you usually start getting better every day. I wanted a second opinion.

I couldn't wait til Monday for the regular doctor to be in. I took him to the ER on Sunday the 17th.

With all the waiting we did in the ER the staff had plenty of chances to witness the screaming episodes he was doing. When they took his temp it was at 101.2.

The doctors took blood. They inserted an IV. They said even if this WAS the stomach flu that he was extremely dehydrated and would need fluids.

When the blood tests came back it showed that his white blood cell count was extremely high. The nurse told me that when patients come in with a kidney infection the number is 12 or 13. A normal person is 10 or below. Brady was at 25! Something was definitely up....

After an hour and a half of being on fluids and repeating my story to several different people the doctor told me that they were waiting on the pediatric surgeon to come down to talk to me. He said that according to most of the labs everything looked fine, but what didn't look fine was my son and that based on my story they were going to admit him to the hospital and find out what the problem was.

FINALLY someone was listening to me and they were going to work on getting my son better.

To be continued...

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