My Sick Boy... Is Admitted to the Hospital

July 17th, 2011 -
From the ER Brady was admitted to the hospital. We went straight into getting x-rays of his abdomen and then an ultra sound. Brady was still under the influence of the morphine so he was feeling pretty good...

Unfortunately neither the x-ray nor the ultrasound were showing the doctors what they needed to see.

They were worried about 2 different conditions. They were looking for the bowels turning in on themselves like a telescope or appendicitis.

After the ultrasound we were taken to his room. We would be sharing it with a 12 month old baby and his parents. They had their stuff all over the room and we were shoved into a corner. Luckily we had a bedside tv to entertain us. ...and my mom was on her way to bring me food and take over. I was so exhausted! (and starving.)

Once my mom got there I filled her in on all the details and I left my baby boy in her hands. I hated leaving him, but I was an emotional wreak and I had Camron and Josiah to take care of at home.

For me, being at home was a lot harder than being at the hospital. The unknown was killing me.

That night I woke up once every hour to check my phone for updates from my mom. She didn't text. She didn't call. I was hoping that no news was good news...

By 6 am I called my mom. The doctors decided they needed to get a CT scan on him ASAP. Unfortunately Brady wouldn't sit still long enough to do the CT scan that night so they said would do it later that day under sedation.

To be continued...

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