Such A Slacker!

The last time I posted was on August 22nd! Here we are almost 3 months later... Geez. I thought I'd be better at keeping up with my blog since I got my iPhone, but apparently life still gets too busy around here. How do you blogging moms do it all?!

Anyway, I never finished posting about my Brady boy and his hospital stay...

He was there for just over a week in July. It started with a trip to the emergency room for a stomach ache that wasn't improving and it ended with a diagnosis of a ruptured appendix.

His hospital stay was full of CAT scans, being put under sedation, blood draws, needles, IVs, body drains, nurses, doctors, and medicine.

After the CAT scan they told me that his appendix had ruptured. I was so upset with his pediatrician at this point that I wrote in a complaint about her then and there. She was the one who had sent us home several days earlier saying it was just a stomach bug.

They immediately started him on antibiotics and had a drain put in where the rupture happened. There was a lot of pus they had to get out. That wasn't fun... The drain was right above his butt cheek and made diaper changes pretty hard. So not fun!

Every day he got a little better. Every day my mom and I traded off taking care of him at the hospital and the boys at home. I was at the hospital during the day and at home with the boys at night. I got really tired of seeing that hallway every day.

The doctors worried about Brady's weight so the had a PIC line put in. A PIC line is a small tube put in a persons arm - from the inside elbow to right over the middle of your chest. Apparently they're used for long term nutrition and antibiotic needs... It was the second time they put him under sedation. It took the doctor four hours to put in!

The very next day the PIC line ended up coming out thanks to our awful nurse. She caused a blood clot in it because she didn't flush it properly. I immediately asked for a new nurse and to never work with her again.

They thought about putting in a new one, but Brady surprised the doctors by taking his meds orally with no problem and eating like normal. They obviously didn't know my boy! I told them he was a good eater. :)

Around this time they also took out the drain. Brady was feeling so much better!

He didn't need any more pain meds. He was up playing, eating and watching tv. He kept asking when he could go home. I kept asking too... The doctors just wanted to be sure the infection went away completely.

On day 8 we were told we were going home! I was so excited and thankful to get out of there. Especially since the doctor had originally told us to expect to be there for at least 2-3 weeks.

Unfortunately this wasn't the end of our hospital stay... On September 12th we had a surgery scheduled to get Brady's appendix completely removed.

He was such a trooper! By this time he knew all about taking vitals and was pretty comfortable with the nurses and doctors.

The surgery took about 6 hours, but he did great!

This time he only had to stay for 2 days and one night.

The day he came home from the hospital you would have never known he even had surgery. He was up playing, running and jumping. We kept having to remind him that he just had surgery and he needed to slow down!

He now has 3 tiny little scars to remind him that when he was 2 he had his appendix taken out.

I'm so happy it's all over and done with. Hopefully I never have to go through anything like that again.

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