Welcoming Some Pink in Our World Full of Blue

Wednesday (2/20) at 10am I received the phone call I've been not-so-patiently waiting on for weeks! It was the ultrasound people calling to ask me if I could come in at 11:45. I just so happened to be standing in Walmart with my mom and asked her if she could watch the boys for me... she had the whole day off and said YES!

I downed my 32oz of water an hour before the appointment (I swear they love to torture pregnant women!) and headed in. I was trying to contain my excitement because I knew it would be just my luck that they wouldn't be able to confirm the baby's gender yet again. My doctor wasn't able to tell at my 18 week appointment.... Then again, she is no ultrasound tech. ;)

I also knew that they were going to tell me that I was having baby boy #4! And I was going to be so happy to find out that I was going to be a mom of FOUR boys! Since I already have 3 boys I know how awesome it is to be surrounded by them. They each have a very different personality and I was excited to find out what baby boy #4 was going to be like. I also secretly love being the only girl in the house. ;)

Then again, it's not really a secret that I've been dreaming of having a daughter since I was 18. I had her name picked out and everything. Growing up I was the girliest girl ever. I loved all things pink, sparkly and frilly. I played with dolls and Barbies. For Halloween there were several years that I chose to be a princess... one time I even combined 2 of my favorites and I was a Ballerina Princess. I would day dream about doing crafty things with her, pass on my sewing skills, help plan her wedding, be there when she had her first baby.... Of course, I also realized that she could be nothing like me and be a total tom-boy. Either way, I've always wanted a baby girl.

The ultrasound tech called me back and started her exam... well, after I told her that I was going to pee my pants if she didn't let me use the bathroom! She spent about 15 minutes looking at this that and the other thing. All I could think of was, let's see what's between baby's legs!

And then she told me...
Well, it looks like you are finally getting your little girl.

Are you sure?
You're not joking around with me right?
For real?!
How sure are you?

The tech told me that she checked, checked again and then triple checked. I was definitely having a girl! And then I cried... Big fat tears. I was crying for the "loss" of boy #4 (kinda silly, right? but I did) and at the same time crying because I was in total shock that I was having a girl! I'M HAVING A GIRL! Are you kidding me?! I've been saying to myself and everyone else that I was destined to always be a mom to all boys. Josh and I had even discussed possibly adopting a girl sometime in the future. We just KNEW that we were never going to have a girl...

I walked out with a permanent smile plastered to my face the rest of the day. I just couldn't believe that our last baby was going to be a girl!

Then I headed to Target.

That place is evil...
It was evil when I didn't have any kids.
It was evil when I was a mom to all boys.
And now it's even more evil because I can officially buy anything and everything in that store!

I walked out of there with these:

Plus one sleeper not pictured and a package of socks for me lol.
I had to show some serious restraint in there!

And for just a moment I walked over to the newborn baby boy stuff and said a little goodbye since I won't have the chance to buy any of it this time around. Made me think of my 3 boys when they were teeny tiny and all the adorable stuff I bought for them. I know it sounds so silly, but a little part of me was seriously mourning the "loss" of what I had imagined was going to be our 4th boy.
I quickly got distracted though... pink, purple, ruffle butts, dresses, skirts!

That name that I had picked out all those years ago (11 to be exact) is finally going to be used. Thankfully, when I told Josh the name he fell in love with it too! Her middle name is after my Grandma. :)

We can't wait to meet you Ashlyn Louise Stoddard!

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