The Rumors are TRUE!


About a week ago I took this pregnancy test and found out that Josh and I are having baby # 3 in roughly 9 months... Due end of January/early February. We were so surprised that it happened on the first try. I kept telling Josh that it will probably be a good 6 months before I actually get pregnant. His response? No, we're doing it this month. No questions asked. Don't know how he knew it, but here we are. :)

The 2 week wait was complete torture because I just KNEW that it had happened, but there was always a chance it was all in my head. I even took a pregnancy test a day before my period was supposed to start... it was negative. We were both disappointed.... So I waited for my monthly visitor to come... one day late. Two days late. Three days late. Ok, I'm never more than 3 days late. It's coming. Four... five... six days late. I couldn't take it any more! Seven days late I took another test... the one above. BIG FAT POSITIVE! Yay! I knew I wasn't going crazy. 

The following is probably TMI, but I'm sure it might help someone out there who is wondering what some of the early pregnancy symptoms could be... I know I was searching the internet and reading every book I could with my first... wondering what the early symptoms were.

  • First of all, about 8 days after we... ahem... you know... I noticed some really super light spotting. (aka implantation bleeding.) I knew that if we were successful that it would come. It did with my first 2 pregnancies too. I got excited when I saw it... but I was trying SO hard not to get my hopes up! 
  • Within 2 days I was peeing all day long which I NEVER have to do. (shame on me for not drinking enough water!) 
  • Next I noticed that my pants were just a little bit snug. Not much, but as if I just had a big lunch or something. 
  • A few days later I started remembering every single dream I had at night. I NEVER remember my dreams so this was odd... The first several were also very sexual in nature. Never have those kinds of dreams either lol. 
  • Then came the mood swings. Josh would notice as soon as one came on. He said, You are SO pregnant! Look at you. Crying then laughing. You're a mess! 
  • Suddenly my sense of smell was on overdrive. Ew, Josh, what is that smell?! Ewwww! Get rid of it please! Oh my gosh if that smell doesn't go away I'm leaving! 
  • Then the dizziness. I get dizzy all of a sudden for no reason at all. I could be standing there cooking and then suddenly feel my head spinning.
  • Along with the dizziness comes the nausea. It's nothing like it was with Brady, but it does come and go. Especially if I don't eat a little something every 3 hours or so.
  • Holy tender breasts, Batman! This is new... it was never this bad with the boys. Ouch!
  • Food cravings haven't really hit me too hard (not like with Camron anyway)... It changes daily. Mostly craving water, cheese, avocados and onions. Weird. I HATE cheese too... but wow, it's SO yummy right now. So strange how your taste buds change when you're pregnant.
So that's where I'm at right now. It's still really early in the pregnancy and I was hoping to keep it a secret for another 6 weeks or so. That all went out the window when Josh posted it on his facebook page. Opps. That's ok though. It would have slipped eventually anyway. We were too excited not to tell anyone. Just send some sticky vibes my way until we get past the 12 week mark! :)

5 Responses
  1. Steph Says:

    Congratulations!! I can never keep it secret either, I tell people as soon as I get a positive!

  2. Congrats!! that is so exciting!!! : )

  3. Anonymous Says:

    YAY!! :)
    So happy for you and can't wait to follow along with your new baby.

    I bet money it's a girl.
    You sound JUST like me when I was preggers with Sophia.

  4. MONICA-LnP Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!this is fantastic!