I Swear I Have A.D.D.

Ok, so maybe I don't... unless it comes to cleaning. (Keep reading, I'll explain.) It's one my main jobs in life (along with being a mom & cook of course) and I hate cleaning. I only do it because #1, I hate having a dirty house and #2, I kinda have to because let's be honest, no one else is going to do it around here.

For about the past 2 months I've been doing what I could in between my bouts of morning sickness. A load of laundry here, some dishes there. If I was feeling really ambitious I'd even make the bed and sweep the living room floor. So now that I'm feeling a whole lot better it's time to play catch up. I've been doing it all week in between the billions of appointments I have scheduled this month.

Today I noticed that I have A.D.D. when it comes to cleaning. I cannot concentrate on doing one chore at a time. Here is a glimpse into how I've been cleaning today....

Kids are ready for their mid-morning snack. As I hand them a banana, ewww what is this sticky stuff on my tile floor? I grab the Swifer and clean the spot. Wait, this floor is gross. I'll sweep and THEN Swifer it. Floor swept and spot mopped. Hmm... I think I'll change our bed sheets. As I'm taking off the dirty sheets... Opps, I left these clean shirts in the laundry basket. Better hang them up real fast. Ok, back to taking off dirty sheets... But before I put on the clean ones... I should put these in the washer so I don't have them sitting around in the dirty clothes basket forever. Into the wash they go. Oh yeah, I have clean towels sitting in the dryer. I should fold those. As I'm folding the towels the dryer sheet falls on the floor. With the dryer door still swung open I take it over to the kitchen trash. Wow, this trash can is full. I should dump it before the trash truck comes! Out goes the trash. Walking back towards the house I notice the dog poo in the grass. I better pick it up before it gets any hotter outside. Ok, all picked up. I need to finish folding those towels! All folded and ready to be put away. Into the hall closet they go. I better put clean ones in the bathroom too. Whoops, forgot to dump the bathroom trash. I should take that out too. Walking back into the house I notice how hot it's getting. I should drink some water before I get a headache. Hmm... No clean glasses. I forgot to put away the clean dishes from the dishwasher this morning. I'll just put away some of the glasses and plates. Kids are thirsty too so I get them a drink... Out of the corner of my eye I notice that I didn't put a new trash bag in the can. Dishes can wait. I should put a bag in the bathroom trash can too. Walking back to the bathroom I see my bed sitting there with no sheets on it. Craaaap. I need to finish making the bed. The bathroom trash bag gets thrown onto the counter. Bed is now made. Back to the bathroom to put the bag in thrash can. Dang, this mirror spotty. Why does Josh always have to use his hand to wipe it after a hot shower? It looks awful. I need to clean it. While I'm in here I should clean the sink and toilet too. Before I get to the toilet I see the dirty clothes piled on the floor along with a few toys. Dirty clothes in hamper and toys taken to boys room. Didn't I just clean this room last night?! Why are there toys every where?! BOYS! Come help me clean your room! 


Ugh... >.< You get the picture. By the end of the day I'm so tried from running around in circles. Why can't I concentrate on doing just one thing at a time?! This is something that I really need to work on. I know there's a better way to be doing things... I just have to figure it out. I need to get organized so I can work smarter, not harder. One thing at a time. Certain chores on certain days and stick with it.

I think I'll start it all next week...

Did I also mention that I'm a procrastinator?
4 Responses
  1. Julia Writer Says:

    My mind works like this all the time! I have to have a mental dialogue with myself as I'm doing a chore to not get distracted and just deal with the job at hand. Doesn't always work though!

  2. April Says:

    haha I am the exact same way!

  3. I am the same way!! It's because we have to much to do!!!

  4. Rosella Says:

    thanks for the belly sorry, you get this from me. would be REALLY funny if it were not so darn frustrating!