Baby and Life Updates

So this is me at 20 weeks along... I'm now at almost 23 weeks and pretty much looking the same. Baby Josiah is kicking around like crazy. I swear he thinks he's a ninja and he's trying to kick his way out! This baby seems to be a lot more active in my belly than the last 2.... Or maybe I've just forgotten what it was like when they still have lots of room to swim around.

As far as weight gain goes I think I'm doing pretty well. According to my home scale I've gained a total of 5lbs. Although that was about a week and a half ago. I'm guessing I've added at least another pound since then. (Cheesecake, eating out and a chocolate milkshake can do that to you. In my defense though I had a chicken salad when we went out to eat! Ok, ok... I had some onion rings with it too... and some of Josh's nachos.)  Hoping to gain no more than 25lbs this pregnancy. We'll see if I can pull it off again.

The boys and I have been pretty busy lately. Once a week we go to the local library for storytime and check out lots of books. The boys love it. They sing songs, read books, dance and usually have some sort of craft at the end. I like taking them since Camron isn't going to be attending a preschool.

Speaking of preschool we've actually started a homeschool preschool this past week. Camron loves it. We've been doing activities on and offline during Brady's naptime everyday. He's already learning so much! I'm amazed at how quick he's taking it all in. Within 3 days he can now identify several letters and numbers, he knows how to build a simple puzzle, learned how to use the computer mouse and we're working on sight words for his colors. If anyone is interested, we're using the free program on Head of the Class. My plan is to get through the preschool this school year then start the kindergarten one next year... He doesn't HAVE to start school for another 2 years and if this goes well we might end up doing homeschool. I'm still debating it... I might change my mind once #3 gets here.

The other thing that's been keeping me super busy (as if my life isn't busy enough already!) Josh bought me a new sewing machine a few weeks ago! My old cheap machine decided to die on me one day in the middle of a project... This new machine is such a dream to work with compared to my old one. I'm in love. Ever since the day we bought it I've sewn at least one thing ever day. I'm learning lots of new techniques and doing things I've never done before... like a zipper! (I've decided that I hate zippers by the way.) Many of the things I'm making I'm posting on my new blog: Pretty Little Crafts. (Feel free to follow me on there!) The blog is also a way for me to organize my "to-do" list of crafts/sewing projects/recipes I really want to try out. (I have a huge list of different websites sitting in my favorites folder... this is just my way of better organizing them!)

I think that's it for now... I'll try to update again soon! You can always checkout my craft blog in the meantime... I've been posting something everyday! :)
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  1. Cute baby bump! you look great! Hope homeschooling goes well, it is something I have considered for Emma! Love the new blog! I need to pull out my machine and start tackling the list of projects I have been wanting to do! Thanks for the motivation: )