Annual Family Christmas Party

Every year ever since I can remember my paternal grandparents have thrown a Christmas party the weekend before Christmas. I can remember when I was little the excitement I had leading up to the day. Picking out my special Christmas dress with my Grandma. (Because I was ALWAYS over there during school breaks.) I remember being at the Christmas party with my sister, brother and cousins playing games while the grown-ups stood around talking, laughing and dancing. Our favorite games to play were hide-and-seek and one we called witches. (Not sure why it was called that... it had nothing to do with a witch. The game was to make it from one side of the house to the other without a grown-up seeing you. If they spotted you then you had to freeze until another kid tagged you.) I have the best memories from those parties.

This past Saturday was the second to the last one my grandparents are going to have. For years now they keep saying they aren't going to have one, but every year they plan the party at the last minute. When I got called last week about it, my grandma told me that they only plan to have one more after this because they're getting too old for it. Makes me sad to think that my kids won't be able to have the same kind of special memories that I had growing up. I just hope that someone else in the family decides to take over the party planning. Josh, the kids and I won't be in California after next year, but we plan to come back during the holidays. It would be wonderful to have a big family get together while we're visiting. I have a feeling that my Aunt Sue (my dad's sister) will be taking over. She LOVES to throw parties and has a big enough house to fit everyone!

So like I said, the party was on Saturday and we all had a lot of fun. This was both Josh's and Brady's first time going to it. We were the first to arrive. (I HATE being late.) We ate lots of yummy food. The boys danced with my dad and step mom. My dad... and my grandpa... had a little too much to drink. We played a game called the Ornament Exchange. (Everyone brings a wrapped ornament. We pile them up in the middle of the room. We sit in a circle.Each person can either pick from the pile or steal one from someone else. Ornaments can only be stolen 3 times til it's out of the game. We go around twice.)

I ended up with the ornament I wanted. Like always, there was arguing about the rules. My Uncle Tony was late, as usual. Forgot to make bets on when he would get there. Ate lots more yummy food. Brady passed out early while Camron ran around trying to keep himself awake. Said our good-byes at least 3 different times while trying to head out the door. Finally got home just after midnight. It was a good night.

Looking forward to next year's already. We might be in Missouri by then, but I wouldn't miss it for anything!

4 Responses
  1. Karen Says:

    That sounds like a fun family tradition! We don't do anything like that in my family. I haven't even seen most of them in years.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Stopping by from SITS! My grandparents have a tradition just like this but we always have it on Christmas eve! What a fun time!

  3. lemonologie Says:

    What special memories!

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

    Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS day the other week!

  4. Future Mama Says:

    Awww, family Christmas parties are the best!! I miss having family close by! Especially now with Spawnie on the way!