Not So Merry & Bright After All

Unfortunately my mom is going through a really hard time right now. I won't post about all the details just yet, but on Christmas Eve my step dad asked my mom for a divorce. He couldn't even wait until after the annual family Christmas party to do it. We were all gathered around their living room. Enjoying the meal that my brother-in-law cooked. Laughing, talking... My mom told everyone that Hans (my step dad) wasn't feeling well so he was in his bedroom the whole time. We were only there for an hour when my mom was called back to her bedroom. A few minutes later she came out and announced to everyone that the party was over and we had to leave because Hans was kicking us out. WHAT??? He told her he wanted a divorce and that she had better pack her bags and leave NOW. Well, he was not only kicking out my mom... but my 19 year old brother who lives there AND my sister, her husband and my 19 month old niece. (The 3 of them had just come up on hard times and moved in there the weekend Josh and I got our apartment.) So on Christmas Eve my family was scattered.

We were all confused as we made our way to the front door that night. The food was left on the dinning room table... all of it (the turkey, the ham, the mashed potatoes) went to waste. The pies were left on the kitchen counter. Hans hasn't let anyone come back to get anything. He has barricaded himself in the house. He has completely lost it. My mom thinks it has something to do with the Percocet he's on right now. (He's not a drinker and has never done drugs... so he has no tolerance for that kind of stuff.)

I'm not sure what's going to happen from this day forward, but I know that Hans has said some pretty unforgivable things to a lot of people in the past 2 days. My whole family has heard about what's going on and no one is going to let him live this down. Especially my brother and sister. My niece is basically homeless right now. We've offered everyone a place to stay here... They're staying with friends though. My mom is with her sister.

I hope this can all be worked out soon. My mom's whole life is up in the air right now. I'm praying that she can stay strong during all of this. My step dad is doing a good job of wearing her down through phone calls and texts. He's offering her ridiculous deals... (Like to let everyone come back, but he still wants to live there while my mom moves in to the office and basically becomes the maid. He's only saying that because the house is in her name!) I tried telling her last night to stop taking his calls.... I just hope she listens. Praying that this is all over with soon.


I should mention that Christmas wasn't all bad. Josh, the boys and I did have a wonderful Christmas together. As soon and I can get a chance to upload the pictures, I'll post about our day. The boys had fun opening all their gifts and I took tons of pictures. Oh and the Chargers won!

4 Responses
  1. Cop Mama Says:

    Sorry, this sounds like a hard time for your whole family. I'm glad you have a place to come and write/vent about it. Take care.

  2. Karen Says:

    If the house is in your mom's name, then she can have the police force him out so that everyone else can move back in. I'm sure she doesn't want to do that, and I can understand why, but if he's being this unreasonable, she might have to.

    I hope it all works out.

    And I'm glad you managed to have a nice Christmas!

  3. San Diego Supah Chargers!

    I'm sorry to hear about your mom's situation. Your stepdad sounds a touch psycho, and how on earth is HE in the house when its your MOM's place?

  4. Mommy Taylor Says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I can't believe my mom is going through the same thing I did last year...