Christmas Tree, Sea World & Family Pictures

We've been so busy all weekend that I haven't had a chance to post anything in about 3 days! The day after the exploding casserole incident we went to Lowes and bought our Christmas tree. While we were there we also picked up this really cute toy tool set for Camron. (He's been following daddy around the house, helping him baby-proof the cabinets... pretending my nail polish is a screw driver.) I think he's gonna love it.

Friday night we went to Sea World's Members Only Night. They closed down the park at about 4:30pm and then re-opened it just for members at 5pm. We got there at about 5:30. I mainly wanted to go because they were handing out Sea World ornaments. Plus we hadn't been in over a month. When we go into the parking lot we were stuck in a long line of cars. Josh decided to follow the car in from of him out of the line, over the orange cones and through a gateway that said, "STOP! Wrong way. Severe tire damage." I was freaking out thinking that we were going to have to call for help because our tires were flat. Luckily his truck tires went over it just fine. We ended up parking right near the entrance.

We were thinking it was going to be really crowded inside, but it wasn't too bad. At around 6:20 everyone in the park seemed to head over to see the Shamu show. After seeing flood of people headed toward the Shamu stadium we decided against going. We pretty much had the park to ourselves after that. We were able to see the sharks, the penguins and the eels with no problem. The boys had a lot of fun... until about 7... then the crying started. Time for bed. So we left.

Saturday afternoon we took a drive to Old Poway Park in North County. We were meeting up with my old high school friend, Alyssa who is now a wedding photographer. She offered to take some family pictures for us as a late wedding present. The location she choose for our pictures was perfect! I had never been to Old Poway Park and I was really impressed. It's located right in the middle of this adorable little community. The boys had fun running around in the grass and playing in the leaves. I think she got some really cute pictures of us and I can't wait to see how they turn out! I'm hoping there's a good one in there of all 4 of us that I can put in our Christmas cards.

Sunday was spent going to church and trying to get the boys to behave during sacrament. Right now our ward starts at 11am... which is right before nap time for both of them. (Not a good combination... Church + Cranky Kids = Most of our time is spent walking the hallways.) I can't wait til the beginning of the year when it will change to 9am. I think they'll be in much better moods at that time.

Now it back to the regular work week. Only 17 more days til Christmas!
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  1. Oh man, we never make it to Sea World. Isn't that crazy?! How's this weather today? I may just have to blog about it....