Date Night & Strange Phone Calls

For Christmas and our birthdays Josh and I got 6 movie tickets. Last night my mom watched the boys for us so  we could go out on a date to see a movie. (We haven't been on a date since before we got married.) We ended up seeing Nine... I really didn't care for it. I'm just not in to musicals and especially musicals with an awful story line. Anyway, we still enjoyed ourselves. We spent waaay too much on snacks and drinks. $20 on popcorn and soda and we snuck in $20 worth of candy from The Sweet Factory. Last time we went out to the movies together we were on our first date. (He was so nervous that he had a hard time even holding my hand... Later that night was a different story... Our first kiss... Best first kiss EVER! lol)

Now to the strange phone call. Ronnie (my ex-husband) called me last night on our way to the movies. Weird. I never get phone calls from him. He had called to thank me for the pictures that I sent to him on Monday. He apologized for not calling on Christmas. Weirder. (Said his phone was shut off for not paying the bill.) He was actually nice to me and was being super friendly. Weirdest. I was able to ask him about dental insurance for the boys and I was also able to ask him about getting my name taken off the car loan without him biting my head off. It was kind of an odd conversation too...

Me: I know you're still in Japan right now, but when you get back to the states do you think you could work on refinancing the 4Runner so you can take my name off the loan? Maybe refinance with New Wife's name on it?

Him: Yeah of course. I don't get back til March though... and yeah... probably not with New Wife's name on it. No more co-signing for me. I swear, by the end of my life I'm gonna have eight or nine ex-wives.

Hmm... very interesting... Trouble in paradise? That or he doesn't want me to think too much of their relationship. He does that all the time though. I know him all too well. He'll brush off his relationships to other people as if they're nothing, but then to that person he'll shout his love from the roof top. (As long as no one else can hear of course.) Poor New Wife. I wonder if reality is setting in for her yet...

Moving on... Our date ended at 9:30pm when we picked up our sleeping boys from Nana's house. She asked me not to have her watch them while they're sick... Um... wasn't aware that either of them were sick. I do, however, remember you mentioning that you thought you were getting sick as I dropped them off. So yes, now I have a sick 3 year old. Fun stuff.

Who knows when we'll make it out to the movies again. I hope the gift certificate we got doesn't expire any time soon!
9 Responses
  1. Katie Says:

    Aren't date nights great?!

    ...And I'm not sure if you were calling me lucky for having so much stinkin' snow, or yourself lucky for having none!! :D

  2. sounds like a fun date night!! I am sure it was nice to get away the two of you after what seems to be a stressful holiday!!
    as for the ex... mine does the same thing! Acts liek things/relationships are no biggy! Weird!

  3. amazing how much you cherish going to a movie once you have kids!!

  4. Karen Says:

    That's a weird phone call. But at least you had fun with your hubby!

  5. Shell Says:

    Glad you got to go out.

    Your ex sounds like a real piece of work.

  6. Date nights are always a "crap" shoot!

    sandy toe

  7. Masala Chica Says:

    Wow 8 or 9. He sounds a bit like an over-achiever.

    Date nights are the best. Glad you had one - I think we get one in two weeks or so. Can't wait!

  8. Shar Says:

    Hey Tay :) Love ur blog it's super cute and you write really well. And I could be wrong but my friends' hub was on the same deployment as R and he got back yesterday... ? just figured you'd want a heads up just in case!!

  9. Mommy Taylor Says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Movies are the best ever after you've had kids. Date nights are few and far between and I cherish every one of them! And yes, my ex is a real piece of work...

    Shar - Thanks for the heads up. :) Messaging you on Facebook. ;)