Park Playdate That Didn't Happen

It's been a busy week for us. I can't even remember the last time I spent the entire day at home. My kitchen and apartment are evidence of this. Dishes piling up. Beds left unmade. Floors haven't been vacuumed. I should actually be doing all of that instead of sitting here on my couch typing this out. I don't feel like getting up at the moment. I'm taking a mommy break while the kids are being good. ;)

Let's get to the reason I'm writing this... we have to back up to Monday morning... I get a phone call from this woman that I go to church with. (She's one of my visiting teachers. If you're LDS you know what I'm talking about.) She wanted to know if I had time for her to come over to visit with me on Thursday (today).

I have to mention that I really don't care for this person at all. She's nice enough, but just not someone who I would normally talk to. She's one of those people who can talk non-stop about anything to anyone. She actually kept me on the phone for a good half hour talking about everything under the sun. I tried my best to keep up with her. Mostly I just said, "Uh-huh." "Yeah.." and "Well that sucks." 

Anyway, she told me that she had talked to my other visiting teacher (who is actually a friend of mine.) and they wanted to come over this Thursday. I told her that it wasn't a good idea to come here because we have an 8 week old puppy at home... I just really didn't want to deal with several kids under the age of 4 going after lovable little Harley. She's a kid magnet. (But she's still underweight from the Parvo and too small to be jumped on, sat on, etc.) So she suggested we all meet at the park at 10:30ish. Sounds good to me...

Fast forward to today.

I'm rushing to get myself and the boys ready for the day. Not an easy task with these kids. They are NOT morning people. I somehow manage to get us all ready by about 9:55am. Perfect. We can all get out the door without rushing. We get to park at about 10:20am. No one is there, but that's okay, we're a little early. I get the boys out of the car and let them run around like mad men. (Thank you to the smart park people who decided to take all the sand out and put in the squishy ground instead! I was prepared for sand and was worried about Brady getting it in his hair, mouth, eyes and diaper.)

10:30am comes and goes.

10:45am... still no one.

11:00am and I'm still not seeing anyone I know. There's a huge mommy playgroup that was meeting there and I'm suddenly feeling like an outsider because all the moms and kids know each other.

11:15am I end up leaving because Camron decided to have a meltdown right in front of everyone. "Mama! My tummy is growling!!! My tummy is growling!! MY TUMMY IS GROWLING MAMA!!!!" He suddenly bursts out in tears and an all out tantrum. Brady, not knowing what was wrong with his brother, bursts out in tears too. Thanks kids... So now I'm holding my crying one year old on my hip while dragging my 3 year old by the hand to our truck. Not my best mommy moment. I could feel all the other moms' eyes burning a hole through my back as we walk away.... Good times, good times...

The next time this woman asks me if she can visit with me I'm just gonna tell her thanks, but no thanks. Some how my month suddenly filled up and I can't possibly fit in an hour visit with her. Maybe next month...

6 Responses
  1. Alex Says:

    Ooh, that would drive me crazy! Almost as annoying as last minute cancellations...just when you've baked, cleaned and dressed the kids. Just rude!

  2. Shell Says:

    How rude of her not to show! Probably for the best, but it was still a waste of your time.

  3. why do moms at the park judge when other peoples kids have a melt down???! Like their kids are perfect, polite and express their feelings appropriatly all the time! give me a break.

  4. Helene Says:

    That was SOOOO rude! And she's the one who initiated the playdate in the first place!! Well, maybe it's for the best because now you have an excuse for not getting together with her again!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  5. Julia Writer Says:

    Oh I know exactly how you must be upset over this. I hate having my time wasted. Just messes my whole day up. Hope next week is better for you :)

  6. Mommy Taylor Says:

    Well, it wasn't a complete waste... The boys did have fun running around (til the crying started.) and I took some cute pictures of them. It was just annoying that I was there waiting for someone who didn't show up. I definitely would have spent my day differently if we weren't invited to the park... Still haven't heard from her by the way. o_O