Snow Day in San Diego! (Picture Heavy!)

 Well, in San Diego county at least. :)

Today Josh and I took the boys to go see snow for the very first time. We drove about 40 minutes east of where we live to the little town of Julian, California. Since we've been having some pretty crazy weather here in Southern California this past week we figured that it probably snowed in Julian. Today the forecast predicted pretty clear skies.... So off we went to find out! About halfway there the snow started showing up....
I started to get excited because I hadn't seen snow in about 10 years. How crazy is that? I live 40 minutes away from where it DOES snow and I haven't driven up here since I was a teenager!

 It was absolutely breathtaking! The skies where a bright, bright blue with very few clouds. The snow was freshly fallen. I just kept saying, "Oh my gosh. Oh! Oh my gosh! How gorgeous is this?! Oh my gosh! Oh man, I have to blog about this..." Josh just kept laughing and making fun of me. I couldn't help it though! It was just fabulously GORGEOUS out there!

Seriously, doesn't this just take your breath away?!

Ok, this could be on a stinkin postcard. AHH-MAAAZING!

First time seeing snow in real life!! They had a blast!

On the way back home I couldn't resist taking a few more pictures...

We tried to bring some back home with us and this is all that managed to make it.

So now I'm realizing what an awesome place we live in. I kinda get why we're paying outrageous rent on a tiny 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment. Today we spent a day in the snow... Tomorrow we could be going to do this: (like we did this past summer....)

Josh on a jet ski - Summer 2009

We have some of the most mild temperatures in the country. We can drive 20 minutes west to go to the beach or 40 minutes east to go to the mountains. I really do love San Diego. (Just not the price tag that comes with it.) I'm gonna miss it here when we move to Missouri. You better believe that I'll be coming back to visit family as often as I can! (And when I'm complaining about snow days in the winter you all can remind me of what I left! lol)

13 Responses
  1. mrsofficer Says:

    Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. lol I see I already follow you. You are about 2 hrs from me. Im more towards LA.We arent having as great of weather right now, got some rain going on.

  2. April Says:

    Thanks for the comments! I read your story on your old blog-I am so happy you found a guy who loves you and treats you the way you deserve!

  3. Julia Writer Says:

    We live in Orange County and love to visit Julian, great little town and wonderful apple pie!

  4. Kathleen Says:

    Happy sits sharefest. I live in Orange County and love the Socal weather. I've never been to Jullian-gotta plan a trip. Nice to meet you!

  5. Unknown Mami Says:

    It really is breathtaking.

    I've never been to the snow and I'm 38. There is no excuse for it.

  6. Karen Says:

    Julian is beautiful, but I haven't been there in about a year.

    It snowed where I work, and I was a little sad I was home sick and missed it. Oh well. I lived through 7 real winters, and I don't really miss it.

  7. stopping by from SitS!! so beautiful! thanks for sharing! stop by

  8. MONICA-LnP Says:

    great pics and yeah the weather has not been so good here in Cali and we are expecting more rain this week!The snow really looks fun but cold,glad you had fun!

  9. foxy Says:

    What beautiful photos! I wish I were close enough to make a day trip to snow-covered areas. That's awesome! You know, growing up in Houston, TX, I didn't see real snow for the first time until I was 23 years old. Seriously!! Isn't that crazy??

  10. Anonymous Says:

    What a fun day!!! Stopping in from SITS!!

    We as a family love taking little adventures too!

  11. Wow this is one place i want to go before i kick the bucket. i'm jealous :)

  12. Laura Lynn Says:

    I love San Diego too. And what fun a snow day was for everyone there!
    I miss living at the beach but I do enjoy all the seasons we get here in PA! I'm ready for some beach weather now though!

  13. Tammy Says:

    I love the boys standing in the snow looking down at it...what did they think about the cold white stuff? The kids have been begging us to take them to the mountains to go sledding. I secretly am crossing my fingers for snow here in the next few weeks!