My Baby is No Longer a Baby

My baby boy turns ONE today! My gosh, I can hardly believe how big he's grown in these 12 months. At 5 months old he was sitting up and got his first tooth. At 6-7 months he was crawling. Eight months old he was standing. Nine months old he started walking. Now he's a year old and already thinks he can do all the things his big brother does. 

I didn't have this blog when he was born, but I did post his birth story on my old blog. I'm reposting it here in honor of his first birthday. :) Happy birthday my Monkey Boy!

Camron (22 months) Me (6-7 months pregnant w/Brady)
October 25th, 2008

Late morning on Sunday, January 11th I felt the first contraction. It was some time around 10am. I really didn't think anything of it because I had been having contractions all along... so I figured this was just some more annoying Braxton Hicks. About 45 minutes later I felt another one. A short time later another one. I mentioned to my mom that maybe we should start timing these as a just in case. So we timed them.... 30 minutes apart, 13 minutes, 40 minutes, 25 minutes. They were all over the place! The only thing that made me think they COULD BE the real thing was that they were getting more intense. I had to actually stop and breath through these ones! From 3pm to 5pm they were 14 minutes apart... FINALLY some kind of pattern! I called everyone who needed to be called just in case this was the real thing. I still wasn't entirely convinced.
I called up Lizz and told her what was going on. I needed her to take me to the hospital since my mom just got out of the hospital and my dad had left that weekend on a trip to Mexico. She was really excited and was convinced that this was the real thing. 

To pass the time I made dinner for me, my mom and Camron. In between making dinner I had to stop to sit down during every contraction. They hurt so bad! 

Shortly after I finished making dinner Lizz decided to come over. At about 8:30 she convinced me that we should go to the hospital to get checked. Couldn't hurt... 

At 9pm I was at Balboa with Lizz by my side. My grandma and grandpa were on their way. When the nurse checked me I was already 7cm!! Holy crap! I was completely surprised by that because my contractions were still about 10 to 14 minutes apart. Hospital policy is that you are not to come in until they're 5 to 10 minutes apart.

They admitted me to the hospital and took me to my labor and delivery room. I told the nurses and doctor that it was my goal to not get the epidural. I wanted to try to do it all natural since I had already made it to 7cm with no help. Shortly after making it to my room my grandparents showed up. 

After an hour or 2 the contractions were getting closer together and coming on harder and harder! Close to midnight the doctor checked me once again. I was STILL only 7cm. I was gonna go nuts when I heard that!! I thought for SURE I was close to pushing. 

After that check things started to get really intense. The contractions were getting almost unbareable. My whole body was shaking. I was hot. I was going out of my mind! I BEGGED for the epidural! I kept saying that I couldn't take much more. FINALLY the doctor came in after what seemed like forever... I was shaking even worse... She told me I had 2 choices. I could get my bag of waters ruptured and deliver this baby or I could get the epidural. I wanted the pain over with right then and there so I choose to have the baby! Plus I knew there was no way I could sit still long enough for the epidural to be put in. By the time the bag was ruptured I was 8cm and unfortunately there was merconium in the water...

As soon as my bag was ruptured things moved VERY quickly! Right as the nurse left the room I felt the urge to push... From here things are kinda fuzzy for me. I was out of my mind with pain... I couldn't control the urge to push. I remember my stomach contracted and I felt myself pushing and a gush of water came out. (Ew! lol) I think Lizz and my grandma were freaking out because the nurse wasn't coming back and they weren't answering the call button. 

After what seemed like forever a ton of people filled the room. I was screaming from the pain. Like screaming on the top of my lungs. My body was pushing the baby out and I couldn't stop myself! The stupid doctor kept yelling at me not to scream, to stop pushing and she kept shoving the baby back inside of me! I guess they were worried about him coming without the pediatritian there. She did this about 5 times. Lizz was ready to kick her butt. They started arguing and I asked them both to stop. 

FINALLY I was allowed to push. I think I pushed maybe a total of 5 to 7 times and he was out. As SOON as he was delived I instantly felt normal again. It was amazing! I felt like super woman. I did it! I did it all on my own! Oh my gosh. I just kept saying, 'I did it!' over and over. 

Brayden had to be cleaned off right after delivery so I didn't get to see him right away like I wanted. Lizz got to cut the remainder of the umbilical cord. (The doctor did the first cut since he had to be rushed over to the table.) While all of this was going on the doctor was stitching me up... taking her sweet time. I swear she did it on purpose! 

FINALLY I got to hold my baby! I put him straight to the breast and he he started breastfeeding like a champ. Nothing like Cam! It was so awesome. 

He was 7lbs, 3oz and 20" long. He arrived at 1:42am... very early morning on Monday, January 12th, 2009. :)

When I was ready to go to my recovery room Lizz (plus her family) and my grandpa went home. My grandma stayed with us. 

Well, that's my birth story. Nothing like Camron's, thank goodness.

Brayden Cory only a few minutes old.
First thing I said when I saw him, "Aw, he looks
like a little old man!"

Brady, my little toddler. You're growing up way too fast! 


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  1. Shell Says:

    Happy birthday to your little guy!

    I had my first without an epidural- OUCH.

  2. that first year flies! It is so sad when they hit 1, babyhood is over!!

    responding to the question about the book on my blog. i got it on shutterfly. you upload pics and pic layouts and backrounds for each page then order it. they are so cute! em loves looking at the one i did last year!

  3. Shelly Says:

    Happy birthday to Brady! Stopping by from SITS.

  4. kys Says:

    I hope he had a very Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Mommy Taylor Says:

    Brady says thank you! Ok, not really, but you know what I mean. ;)