Perhaps I Was a Little Harsh

Guess who I got a phone call from about 45 minutes ago? Yup, the woman who was supposed to meet me at the park yesterday. When I answered the phone she sounded a little ticked off.

Her: "Um, so today we were supposed to meet at the park. What happened to you?" She sounded rather snotty which put me in an instant bad mood.

Me: "Actually I was there... yesterday. You said Thursday at 10:30... So I was there. Thursday and 10:30." I was annoyed.

Her: "Oh that's weird I could have sworn I said Friday at 12:30. I wouldn't have said Thursday because I had my son's field trip that day."

Me: "Well, I remember you saying Thursday... I even had you repeat the time and day for me so that I could write it down on my calendar. So I was there on the time and day that you said."

Her: "Hmm... well, I can't believe I did this again." Yeah, you seem like the type... "I'm sorry about that. Next time we'll have to meet at your place so that neither one of us has to drag our kids out some where for nothing." Love that passive aggressive statement. And no we won't be meeting at my place. Knowing you, you'll show up at the wrong time or day and you'll walk in on me in my PJ's looking my absolute worst. No thanks.

Me: "Don't worry about it. We still had fun at the park." I'm such a wuss. lol

She then went on (and on) about her crazy, busy week and how she can't believe we (she!) got the days and times mixed up. I didn't say anything else to her. I was already in a bad mood at this point. I just wanted off the phone. She kept trying to reschedule. I kept on avoiding the subject. Finally she said, "Ok I guess I'll talk to you another time." I said bye and hung up the phone as fast as I could.

I guess I was a little harsh when I talked to her on the phone. I was still annoyed about going to the park yesterday and waiting and waiting without anyone showing up. It also upset me that she didn't seem to believe that she actually said Thursday instead of Friday. I know she said Thursday because I even asked her the date... she told me it was the 14th. (In my head I was thinking.. oh, the 14th, Brady's due date last year... My brother-in-laws birthday...) While I was on the phone with her I wrote it down on my big wall calendar.... Because if I don't write stuff down right away I forget....

It's just a good thing that it's Stake Conference this weekend and I don't have to get stopped by her on my way out the door of Relief Society on Sunday. Then again, maybe I should give her one more chance... I don't know.
6 Responses
  1. Cop Mama Says:

    Sorry you're struggling with this woman. I know it's challenging to deal with people who don't respect your time. I guess you have two choices, either confront her in love, or avoid setting another play date. I read your last post too so I could get the whole story. Since this is a person from church, I would pray about it and see what God puts on your heart :-)

    Hope that helps! Good luck.

  2. Karen Says:

    I say give her one more chance. But maybe arrange it in person, hand her a piece of paper and ask her to write in her own handwriting the date, day and time. Maybe that'll help?

  3. Mommy Taylor Says:

    Good ideas ladies. Thank you. I'm gonna try both of them... Praying about it and Karen, awesome idea about handing her a piece of paper! Definitely gonna give her a second chance now that I've had some time to think about it.

  4. Shell Says:

    I'd still stay away from meeting at your house b/c she could show up at the time that she "thinks" she's supposed to be there. Another park day could still be fun for your kids, even if she's a no-show.

  5. Unknown Mami Says:

    Give yourself some time to get over the irritation, then give her another chance. After that no more do-overs.

  6. Lizz Says:

    IIIIIII say, no. a big fat no. its not someone youd be friends with outside of church. and similar beliefs aren't enough to build on imo. especially since she has half been around since you got your place. i say stick to being cordial at church, and exert the energy on your family instead. but, thats also me being a big mama bear protector over my bestie. i know how hard it is to get the car, get out of the house, etc, and isnt 1030 close to b's nap? i would have been absolutely livid. but, as another commenter said, mull it over and go with your heart...

    which by the way, told me it wants to come see me yesterday. so get on it :P