To Blog or Not to Blog? (About Deep Family Issues)

That is basically the question that one of my blog readers wants me to ask myself. Should I be writing about the issues that are going on in my family right now? ...Sharing it with the public blogging community?  (And also with the people I know in real life... Which by the way, very few IRL friends and family know about this blog.) My response is this:

While I appreciate each and every comment and opinion I receive on the topics I'm writing about, I don't necessarily agree with all of them. This being one of them. Obviously, this is my blog... my space.. where I can  write about pretty much what ever I want to. In this blog I'm choosing to share my life with everyone. It's no secret that I do post a lot about the hard stuff I've gone through in my life. It wouldn't be a fair representation of my life if I just posted about the happy-go-lucky times. That's not me and that's not what I want my blog to be about.

I suppose you could argue and say that it's not the same because I was posting about my life and not about someone else's. Well, this is my life. What my mom and step dad are going through is not just affecting them. It's affecting me and my family too. My mom knows about this blog. She's seen it. She's read it. She knows the web address for it. I've read to her what I wrote about her and my step dad within the past couple weeks. If she had a problem with any of it... If she would have asked me to take it down... I would have respected her wishes and done what she asked. She hasn't done that. (And just to clarify, my mom and I have a very open relationship where we do speak our minds... she definitely would have asked me to take these posts down if she wanted me to.) She knows that I've always written things down as a way to vent my feelings. Before there were computers in our home I've always had a diary... or a journal.  Even though I do write stuff down I don't usually keep my feelings or opinions to myself. When I feel the need to let someone know how I feel, I'll say it to them. In my previous post I talked about how I felt about my mom and step dad getting back together... Before I wrote it, my mom and I had talked on the phone about it. Everything I wrote about... she heard it first. She knows my feelings. She knows that I still love her and support her regardless of everything. She knows that from now on I'm staying out of it.

I don't want to offend or make anyone uncomfortable with my recent blog posts. I'm sorry if I did. I know that I was talking about some rough issues and depressing stuff. If you don't like what I'm writing about I won't be offend (or even know) if you decide not to read it. If you are reading them I still won't be offended (or even know) if you decide not to comment. You also have my full permission to click that little red 'x' at the top of your screen. ;) I promise, I won't get mad.

I wasn't planning on posting anything today, but felt like I should respond. I know if one person thought it, so did a handful of other people...

10 Responses
  1. kys Says:

    I'm of the mindset that it's your blog and you write what you want to. If people don't want to read it there are a million other blogs out there.

    Blog away, girl. Sometimes it's the only way to work through things.

  2. Shell Says:

    I think it's your blog and therefore your choice as to what you post.

  3. Alex Says:

    If people are uncomfortable with your blog then they can simply stop reading it.

    One request from me? Can you make your font a bit bigger? Please? With a cherry on top?

  4. i follow and enjoy BOTH of your blogs because of your honestly and truthfullness. You spell it out and your say what you are feeling.
    It is your blog, your feelings and your outlet.
    Keep doing what you are doing and I will keep reading and enjoying!

  5. Helene Says:

    I agree with the other 2 comments above me.

    If we all sensored our blogs based on what others might think, then we're not being true to ourselves. What's the point of having a blog if you can't share your thoughts...that's what it's all about, after all.

    If someone doesn't agree or appreciate what you wrote, they can choose to no longer read it. No harm, no foul. Say what you need to say, it's your space to do so.

  6. jessalyn Says:

    i have seen this type of post twice in the past few days now & it amazed me both times. i thought the point of blogging was to talk about what you want, how you want, and when you want.
    i guess i don't understand why readers feel the need to tell authors what they think should or should not be writing about. it baffles me.
    best of luck with everything going on in your life- my thoughts are with you!

  7. Mommy Taylor Says:

    Thanks for the support everyone. :)

    I know that the commenter I was referring to was just trying to be helpful... and I love reading her blog and her comments. I'm not trying to attack anyone... Just speaking my mind like I always do. :)

    And Alex my dear, I made my font bigger just for you! ;)

  8. Makayla Says:

    Thank you and my eyes thank you too! :)

  9. Karen Says:

    Everyone's got an opinion.

    Some people don't like to share the major drama in their lives and others do.

    It's your blog and you should do what you want.

    I've often found that when I'm having a hard time and I blog about it, there is always someone that has a word of advice or a comforting thought that helps me more than I thought it could.

  10. I'm glad you are remaining true to yourself. Like everyone has said, this is YOUR blog.