Not Over Yet - But Getting Closer

Today was my mom's court hearing for her restraining order. Long story short, the judge granted a 6 month temporary restraining order and an order for H (my step dad) to return her personal belongings by January 21st. (Like her driver's license, social security card, birth certificate, jewelry etc... Yeah, he took all of it.) The judge did make a change to the order saying that there can be contact by e-mail only so that they can talk about the bills, divorce, etc.

I'm so happy that the judge granted her the 6 month TRO. H definitely did his best to put my mom in a bad light. Making it sound like she was the one who went crazy on Christmas Eve. I'm hoping that by the time the 6 months is up H will have had a chance to calm down and look at things rationally. I'm also hoping that they can manage to get all the divorce paperwork over and done with within the 6 months.

I know my mom didn't want any of this to happen, but she's MUCH better off. I keep trying to make her see the positives in all of this... They had no kids together and no real assets to split. (Thank goodness) She can do what she wants with her money. She could go back to school if she wanted to. Take some classes at the adult learning center... maybe learn to play the piano. She has the chance to be taken out on dates again. (Even if you end up not liking the man who takes you out, it's still nice to be treated to dinner or the movies or what ever else you end up doing!) She gets to have another first kiss experience! It's been 15 years since that's happened. She has the chance to fall in love again and get that butterflies-in-your-stomach sort of feeling. She will be okay in the end. I know it's rough in the beginning... hello? I was just there! It gets easier though. Okay and not to mention that she's only 47 years old and in awesome shape. She could honestly pass for about 37... (Seriously, she's a hottie and doesn't even know it.) 

Hang in there, mom! In the words of Wilson Phillips:

"I know that there is pain

But you hold on for one more day and
Break free the chains"

7 Responses
  1. Karen Says:

    I'm glad she got the TRO and that things are going the way they need to. It is too bad this had to happen, but definitely for the best. Tell your mom she gets to be a cougar!

  2. Mommy Taylor Says:

    Lol that's what my husband told her the other day!

  3. Cop Mama Says:

    Sorry to hear that your mom is having such a tough time right now. She's lucky to have such a supportive daughter. I know it's hard to watch a loved one go through trials like this. You're quote from Wilson Phillips is perfect. I use to listen to that song when I was younger and had some hard times.

    I hope your mom reads your post. It almost made me cry, but yet she will see how you're there for her.

  4. She is definitely much better off without Hans. Sounds like he was probably bringing her down. Best of luck to her!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I am sorry to hear that your mom has to deal with all of this divorce stuff. It is never neat and tidy. Tell her good luck!

  6. i have some trouble with my dad. its hard to see people mess with those you love so dearly. Great Quote at the end. ;)

    thanks for coming by!

  7. Wishing the best for your mom and the situation....

    sandy toe